Camtasia 2022 Review Video Editor Reviews

What is Camtasia Studio video editor?

Individuals and teams will find it easier than ever to create professional-looking videos with TechSmith Camtasia 2021's new features.

Camtasia 2021, the next edition of TechSmith Corporation's screen recording and video editing software, was released today. Organizations and teams may now make movies with bespoke elements, consistency, and ease thanks to this new edition.

Users of Camtasia 2021 may make use of a slew of new features that make video editing even easier. Visual effects, audio effects, and general workflow all get new features and improvements.

Wendy Hamilton, CEO of TechSmith, adds, Demand for videos has risen in recent months, particularly in everyday work. Having tools that make video production simple and efficient is even more important. We've addressed the needs with a number of feature upgrades in Camtasia 2021. streamline the overall workflow for video projects, enable polished outputs, and provide relaxation for employees in their new daily work routines."

The new version also includes 75+ new modern transitions, audio effects to help accent the narrator over a music track, and other user requests for visual effects and audio settings. To name a few, there's the Motion Blur effect and Corner Rounding.

Camtasia Studio Video Editor 2021 Now Directly Exports to Panopto

TechSmith Corporation, the leading provider of screen capture and video editing tools, and Panopto, the leading provider of video management systems, announced today that TechSmith Camtasia Pro is now available for purchase. users can now export videos straight into their Panopto video libraries. This is a significant step forward in the multi-year strategic relationship that was announced earlier this year.

Camtasia 2021 and Panopto users can now upload videos directly from the Camtasia video editor to their Panopto video management system. The resulting video editing and management workflow are unified, simplified, and secure.

Thanks to our collaboration with Panopto, we're pleased to be able to offer the best of both worlds to our mutual clients. Users may now effortlessly exploit both technologies in corporate and educational environments, thanks to the rise in remote work and remote teaching environments "TechSmith's VP of Product Portfolio, Tony Dunckel, stated.

In early 2022, TechSmith Snagit will add Panopto-like export features. The two organizations are collaborating closely to provide customers with end-to-end, world-class technical support.

"Camtasia is fantastic for creating amazing videos, and Panopto is fantastic for organizing and distributing them," stated Panopto CEO Eric Burns. As long-time Camtasia fans, we're excited to collaborate with TechSmith to combine the power of desktop video production with the flexibility and scale of cloud video management. We want to work with TechSmith on further integrations in the future."

Visit Here to learn more about the various benefits of the TechSmith and Panopto collaboration. 

TechSmith's screen capture software and solutions are great for anyone who wants to generate and share images and videos for better training, tutorials, and lessons, as well as ordinary communication. Snagit and Camtasia, our flagship programs, are simple to use. Techsmith

Panopto's Background

Panopto assists corporations and colleges with the creation of safe, searchable video libraries of institutional information. Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer in the fields of video capture software, video management, and internal video search.

At a glance, here are the new features of Camtasia 2021:

For professional results, use the following visual effects:

75+ brand-new, cutting-edge transition effects

A total of 75 new transitions have been added to make videos more engaging and polished.

Effect of Motion Blur

With the new Motion Blur effect, you can instantly make effects and movement feel smoother.

Effect of Corner Rounding

Sharp corners on your media should be smoothed out and all or individual corners should be quickly rounded.

Lottie (JSON) Support Import LOTTIE animation files into Camtasia 2021 from other apps.

Clips of media that can be customized

The large selection of media clips and objects that can be added to generated movies and readily changed in their attributes is one of Camtasia's most popular features. It is now possible to develop your own elements with such easily changeable attributes in this new version, which is especially significant when it comes to branding and teamwork.

Effects on audio

Accentuate the audio effect

Mix background music and spoken comments quickly: It automatically changes the level when you drag it onto the clip whose audio you wish to highlight.

In the editor, there's a VU Audio Meter (Windows)

Right in the editor, you can get a visual representation of your audio volume settings.

Share your story with the TechSmith audience.

With TechSmith Audiate, you can quickly send audio narration back and forth for extensive editing and refining of the sound of your recording. 

Improvements to the overall workflow and performance

Overall, there have been a lot of workflow and performance enhancements to make working with Camtasia on a daily basis, whether alone or in a group, even easier.

Assets made just for you and your team

Quick Properties provide you with more control and flexibility over your video assets.

Proxy Video Editing: Quick Editing

Camtasia 2021 now has the option to use proxy video to display and edit huge and high-resolution movies smoothly. Because of their modest data volume, these temporary copies can be modified fast before being returned to the original HQ recording.

The representation of bundled assets has been improved.

"Groups" have long been a tried and true method of organizing sections and objects on the Timeline in Camtasia. Groups in Camtasia 2021 are now presented in their own tabs when accessed, rather than expanding directly on the Timeline as before. This allows you to open many groups at once. This is especially beneficial for elements that are complex and nested.

Sharing and clear organization: Project files that can be used independently

All of the files utilized in video production are now merged into a single project file. This can be shared with colleagues, copied to another computer, or archived in a matter of seconds. 

Camtasia Studio 2021 is now available in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese for $249.99 MSRP on Windows and Mac. Users who have previously purchased the software can upgrade for $139.99.

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