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With the launch of three new tools, Sellzone by Semrush celebrates its first year.


Sellzone (previously Sellerly), a toolkit for Amazon sellers and agencies powered by Semrush, a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, has released three new features to commemorate one year since its start. With the addition of these functionalities, the toolkit becomes a competitive competitor in the market for Amazon SEO, PPC, and product research tools.

"In the year after the formal introduction of the Seller [note: old name of Sellzone] toolkit, we've reached several key milestones, starting with the renaming and rebranding in May 2021," said Alexander Attsik, CEO of Sellzone. Our new name, 'Sellzone,' was well embraced by our community, and the new brand has been further strengthened with a new easy-to-remember "star" emblem. We continued to work directly with Amazon sellers and experts this year to develop tools and features that addressed their most pressing needs, including a much-requested Amazon Organic report, also known as reverse ASIN search. With the PPC Optimizer tool, we took our first step into Amazon PPC and launched a free tool for Amazon Product Research."

The following are some of the new Sellzone tools and features:

Keyword Wizard tool – An Amazon keyword research tool with a database of over 200 million keywords that helps merchants increase their Amazon listing exposure by identifying high-volume search terms for which to rank.

The Amazon Organic report in the Traffic Insights tool analyzes keywords that drive internal organic traffic to an Amazon listing, as well as tracks and analyzes the performance of competitors' listings. The Sellzone Amazon Traffic Insights tool has now become the most advanced reverse ASIN research tool on the market, thanks to this new Amazon Organic report.

The Amazon PPC Optimizer tool assists Amazon merchants in launching and managing their Amazon ad campaigns by constructing a semantic core and tracking the results.

The Amazon Product Research tool determines the most profitable products and categories to sell on Amazon, as well as the FBA calculator and a summary of Amazon costs associated with selling a certain item.

Other Sellzone tools are:

Listing Quality Check - Examines listing content for potential suspension risks and compliance with Amazon requirements, as well as provides actionable recommendations on how to improve listing performance.

Listing Protection - Monitors listings of a seller's own or competitive products and notifies users of changes to the listing through email or SMS.

Split Testing - Runs automatic split testing of product pages to see which parameters perform better for listings based on real-time data.

"Since 2020, over 1.3 million new vendors have joined Amazon, and the larger the marketplace becomes, the more difficult it becomes for brands to stay competitive." Sellzone helps sellers tackle this issue by strengthening the Sellzone toolbox with Semrush extensive knowledge in SEO and digital marketing, in addition to continuing to meet their fundamental needs. Our Traffic Insights feature, for example, provides a broad picture of traffic to an Amazon listing, including insights from external traffic sources such as Google Organic and Referral traffic. "In this market, tools that provide such a comprehensive picture are unique, and the Traffic Insights tool drew the attention of many specialists and was cited at both offline and online events," Alexander Attsik remarked.

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Semrush Background

Semrush is a prominent online visibility management SaaS platform that helps organizations all over the world to perform search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content, social media, and competitive research campaigns and track their outcomes. Semrush provides companies with information and solutions for building, managing, and measuring campaigns across numerous marketing platforms. Semrush is based in Boston and has operations in Pennsylvania, Texas, Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Cyprus, with over 72,000 paying customers.

Concerning Sellzone

Sellzone, originally known as Seller, is a Semrush-powered suite of tools for Amazon business growth. Sellzone offers seven distinct tools to help you understand your Amazon Marketplace performance. Amazon SEO and keyword research, reverse ASIN analytics and competitive research, Amazon advertising, Amazon product research, Amazon listing monitoring and optimization, compliance with Amazon standards, and listing protection are all geared to address unique difficulties for Amazon sellers.

SEMRUSH and the fireball logo are registered trademarks of Semrush Inc. in the United States and other countries, and SELLZONE is a trademark of Semrush Inc. Amazon Technologies Inc. and/or its affiliates own the trademark AMAZON, which is registered in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners, whether registered or unregistered.

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