New Adobe Photoshop Tools 2022

 The first live program on Reddit is a Photoshop competition.

As part of its drive towards original streaming content, Reddit has partnered with Adobe. Its first live program is PsBattles Live, a comedic competition series that will stream every day this week on the r/PsBattlesLive forum.

Patti Harrison, the star of Shrill, will host PsBattles Live, which will air every day at 3 p.m. ET. Moderators will push the community to use Photoshop to change photographs in unique ways. Some of the entries will be highlighted throughout the show, and viewers will be encouraged to vote for their favorites. The creations will be discussed by a panel of comedians.

There don't appear to be any significant real-world prizes on offer. Participants will receive "points, community honors, and internet notoriety," according to Reddit, which is pretty much what they'd get for submitting bizarre, wacky, and humorous altered photographs on Reddit anyway. Still, it's an interesting method to highlight Reddit members' inventiveness. The series is being launched by Reddit and Adobe to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the r/photoshopbattles subreddit, which has over 17.4 million users.

Reddit is a popular social media platform. The PsBattles Live competition series on Reddit has a logo.

Every month, Reddit users contribute over 110k original artworks to the platform, and r/photoshop battles is one of our most vibrant examples of a community coming together to create and collaborate over a shared passion, which is exactly what our platform is about, according to Roxy Young, Reddit's chief marketing officer. PsBattles Live is the next immersive experience from our longtime collaborators at Adobe, and it's not just a celebration of one of our most beloved Reddit groups.

New Sensei-powered functionality has been introduced for Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2022.

The 2022 editions of Adobe's Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software have been announced. The apps are made to make creative photo and video editing simple and enjoyable.

To that purpose, Adobe has included 'Guided Edits' in Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. These are step-by-step interactive tutorials that you may use to complete certain editing tasks on your photographs and videos. Four new Guided Edits are included in the new applications, increasing the total to 87.

There are two new Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements and two new Guided Edits in Premiere Elements. You may use a new Guided Edit in Photoshop Elements to edit pet images and extend photo backdrops. Color and lighting may be adjusted, detailed edges such as fur can be selected and refined, collars and leashes can be removed, and so on for pet images. You can utilize Content-Aware Fill technology in the Guided Edit for expanding photo backdrops to stretch your image beyond its original crop, either to adjust an aspect ratio or just mix up the frame.

A new Guided Edit in Premiere Elements allows you to apply animated overlays to your videos, such as charming butterfly animations. The other new Guided Edit instructs you on how to modify your video's shadows and highlights to bring forth more details.

When it comes to Photoshop Elements 2022, the new software has more Adobe Sensei AI technology than the previous year's edition. You may use Adobe Sensei to turn your photos into paintings. You can choose from a variety of aesthetic effects based on well-known artwork and other popular styles.

The ability to warp images to suit any shape is another Sensei-powered capability. Wrapping a photo around an object, such as a mug, or fitting the image into shapes, such as the sunglasses example above, are two ways to put one photo within another.

You may merge still and motion images with animated frames in Photoshop Elements 2022. You may add movement overlays to your still photographs, such as snowflakes, hearts, and sparkles, and then export the motion image as an.MP4 to post on social media.

New slideshow styles, a redesigned Organizer that lets you see GIFs in motion, and automated software updates are all included in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022.

New aspect ratio settings are included in Adobe Premiere Elements 2022. Many people share videos on social media, some of which are vertical and have square aspect ratios. You can edit and export videos in social-friendly formats without sacrificing material in Premiere Elements. You can also use vertical video-specific motion titles, mattes, and backdrops.

Another new feature is auto-reframe enabled by Sensei. This feature allows the program to re-frame your subject automatically in order to 'keep the most relevant section of the action in the frame.'

A video compression slider is included in Premiere Elements 2022. You generally don't need a high-quality 4K video if you're editing and exporting a video for social media. Instead, you can lower the size of your movies with a compression slider in Premiere Elements, making them more acceptable for publishing to the web or social media, or sending us a message to friends and family.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 and Photoshop Elements 2022 are now available. The apps are available for macOS and Windows and can be bought alone or as part of a package. New customers will pay $99.99 for the standalone version, while upgraders will pay $79.99. The combo costs $149.99, with qualifying upgrades costing $119.99. There is also a discount for students. Click here for more information and to purchase the software.

RAW images are now supported in Adobe Photoshop for iPad.

Adobe announced today that Adobe Camera RAW support is coming to Photoshop for iPad, allowing users to import, read, and edit RAW files on their iPads. The future feature was featured in a demo film released on YouTube by Adobe, but no information on when it will be available was offered.


RAW support will work with a variety of file types, according to Adobe, ranging from DNG to Apple ProRAW, the RAW file format seen on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models.
Users may modify factors like exposure and noise, as well as using Photoshop's non-destructive editing and auto-adjustment tools, to edit RAW files like any other image.

Adobe's Creative Cloud plan includes Photoshop for iPad. The Photography package starts at $9.99 per month and goes up from there.

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