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The best review Redbubble T-Shirt is a print-on-demand store that specializes in user/artist-created pictures and sells printed t-shirts, clothing, art prints, and other goods. The site and the print-on-demand concept are amazing because there are thousands of print designs to choose from, and even the shirt color can be changed. This is a review of three t-shirts I purchased from the shop recently.

Shirts That Appear to Be a Lot More Expensive Than They Are Ideal for Fall

Are you sick of the same old t-shirts? Are you tired of being cold in the same old t-shirts? Shiver no longer, because we've discovered the secret to finding shirts that are both cute and acceptable for fall—and it's not where you'd think to find it. After scouring Redbubble for Perfect Designer bargains, we discovered that it's a hotspot for budget clothing that seems far more costly than it is.

If you're looking to update your fall wardrobe on a budget, the retailer's fashion assortment is a great place to start. We understand that Redbubble isn't the most apparent location to look for something. At the same time, it ticks all the boxes for fall attire: it's elegant, warm, and inexpensive. What more could you possibly want?

Solid colors are made of 100% preshrunk cotton, heather grey is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, and denim heather is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

5.3 oz. (180 gsm) heavyweight fabric

Fit is classic, large, and boxy.

Durable double-needle hems and neckband

Sourced in an ethical manner

Due to a limited-time -20% discount, the total cost of the item was 48€, including shipping. I expected top-quality products because the quoted price for each shirt was close to 18€. The order was delivered from Germany to Finland and arrived one week after being placed.

My order was for three t-shirts. Ramen-themed shirts, LEGO-brick shirts, and Mars-themed shirts are all available.

Shirts of Good Quality

Fabrication and Construction

All of the t-shirts were Gildan, with two of them being Gildan Heavy Cotton and one being Gildan Ultra Cotton. Gildan Heavy is 185 grams per square meter, but Gildan Ultra is 205 grams per square meter, thus the one Ultra was a pleasant surprise. I was pleased with the density, which was as promised, and a little more.

Gildan shirts are of average quality, but nothing spectacular in my opinion. The stitching on the shirts is a little loose, and the collars on some of my previous Gildan shirts have stretched very quickly after being used.


Instead of traditional screen printing, Redbubble uses a "direct to garment" printing technology. So, understandably, I was concerned about the print quality.

The print quality turned out to be a huge letdown. The majority of the print edges and color transitions were muddled, and the solid colors in the original designs did not appear to be solid in the prints. They appear fine from afar, but the colors are fuzzy up close. Furthermore, the pattern has a plasticky feel to it that isn't particularly nice to the touch. If the shirts were rubbed or folded aggressively, I'm sure the printing would peel or crack.

Following the first wash,

The Mars shirt was laundered at 40 degrees Celsius according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The shirt shrank significantly in the first wash, despite being preshrunk. The shirt was 61 cm wide and 79 cm long before washing; after cleaning, it was 60 cm wide and 76 cm long. This equates to a 2...3% reduction in dimensions. I didn't notice the change in practice because the fit wasn't that tight, to begin with. This is probably still standard for cotton shirts, even if they are preshrunk.

The print held up well in the washing machine.

The shirt shrank 3cm in length and 1cm in width after the first wash.

Customer Service and Returns

The Ramen noodle and Lego shirts were returned to me. The designs, in my opinion, required crisp clear edges and solid colors in order to look decent. I wanted to preserve the Mars shirt because it has a simpler pattern and I think it looks well even with somewhat blurred edges.

I was originally offered a shop voucher after filling out a return form and requesting a refund. I responded that I wanted my money back in full, and was swiftly repaid in less than 30 minutes and generously: 40€ of the whole 48€ order. I didn't have to return the shirts at all. What a wonderful service.


Pros: Good quality t-shirts in terms of fabric and construction, but not premium.

There are literally tens of thousands of different designs to choose from.

Customer service is excellent, as is the return policy.

Cons: Print quality is poor.

It's also not cheap. However, it appears that -20% of deals are frequently made.

Conclusion: Choose your designs carefully, keeping in mind the low-quality printing. Although the generous return policy is beneficial, I will most likely seek out higher quality elsewhere in the future.

UPDATE (10/16/2021): The Mars shirt has shown to be a good investment after two years of use. The pattern hasn't faded (and hasn't ripped away), and the fabric (Gildan Ultra cotton) has held up to several washing. The garment's base color is starting to fade at the collar, and the collar is losing its flexibility, indicating that the shirt is nearing the end of its useful life. I haven't shopped at Redbubble in a while, but I might if I see a simple but appealing design.

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