How to Convert Text To Audio in VidScribe Pro


There are many ways to create speech like by using voice synthesizer, text to speech recognition generator etc. but all these tools create an artificial sound which seems very unnatural and disturbing for the listener. The best way is that the developer should use the technology of converting writing into spoken words. This technology has both advantages and disadvantages like it can be used to publish any kind of article or writing into speaking materials which are most preferred by the people. When converted in to audio, written contents become much more popular among readers because they can listen while doing other important tasks so it makes them engaged in reading, publishers do not have to pay much attention on how their content looks i.e., fonts or colors but just have to focus how interesting content they can write. Videoscrib is one of the best tools in this regard which can convert a script in to audio file in just a few minutes. VidScribe has both online and offline versions so you need not have to download it on your device for converting any article or content into voice over. Here are the steps through which Vidscribe converts text into voice over.

How to convert my text to voice with Vidscribe?

1) Step 1 - Open Vidscribe, enter your text in "Text Area" and click on "Convert". Videoscrib will start working immediately.

2) Step 2 - After processing when Videoscrib finishes, you will find an option of MP3 Download with Finished version and also share via email option. You can save the file in your PC or can send it to any preferred person. Vidscribe also allows you to convert several scripts at once, just select the required scripts and click on "Convert Multiple" option. Videoscrib is not only limited for converting texts but this tool can be used for recording voice over for radio commercials, IVR messages etc. Vidscribe has both online and offline versions so you need not have to download it on your device for converting any article or content into voice over. Videoscrib is one of the best tools in this regard which can convert a script in to audio file in just a few minutes Vidscribe follows certain policies which are mentioned below:

- Videoscrib will publish the source text at least weeks after the publication date of

the finished audio fileand to get text convert.

What is Vidscribe?

- Vidscribe is an app that converts your text to audio or audio to text, allowing you to create a voice over for your blog or anything else. You can also make VidScribe read out your written text in any language. VidScribe supports 50+ languages and videos in local languages.

Most people are auditory learners who learn by sound not reading which means they prefer listening rather than reading written content. Videoscrib helps you convert your blog outline into audio format making it easy for the user to listen the content instead of reading it which will increase your website traffic and makes it easier for your users to consume content on their mobile devices. This app features free transcription, multiple file processing options and unlimited output storage with effective technique real time to convert your srt file language videos to english or any other languages

How it works?

First, open the Videoscrib website and paste your text in field for converting Vidscribe ai will automatically converted it to automatically subtitle. You can also upload your audio file which you want to convert into text. After that click on "Generate" button and listen what you have generated.

You can also download generated speech by clicking on download button and use it as ringtone or alarm tone and use this feature as well like adjustment of volume level, pitch etc. If you like our service then share with friends so they can also enjoy this wonderful way to create audiobooks from web pages, articles etc.

Some other free text to speech generators are as follows:

1. Dspeech – This application is paid but it can generate any type of voice from your written text with option to subtitle your videos.

2. Natural Reader – Natural reader allows the user to create audio books from ordinary material and publish them on YouTube, Librivox Audiobook Project etc for free everywhere. It has a simple interface so even use does not have high technical knowledge then also he/she can easily use this application. By using this tool one can also increase their vocabulary through using different voices which come with it's basic package with commercial license or you can download 3rd party voices as well.

3. Online-Utility – Online Utilily allows its users to convert their written text into MP3 file format which

What is advantages of Vidscribe?

1. The most important advantage of using Videoscrib is that its free service so anyone can easily use it without any cost which is very beneficial for the user as well as for the people who are working on less budget or on not having enough money to buy expensive software like Natural Reader, Dspeech etc.

2. Its interface is very easy and simple so even a newbie can use this application with tutorials which explain everything in detail about how to convert text into speech, different tools of controlling volume level, sound quality etc.

3. Another benefit of using Videoscrib is that it does not require any special skills like voice synthesis needs high technical knowledge but here one doesn't need to have deep knowledge about computer science rather you can easily

4- Multi languages supported wich you can convert your text original languages to any other languages.


Vidscribe is a free online tool which allows the user to convert writing into speech with different effects. The interface of this software is very simple and easy to use. Its services are completely free for everyone. So, in a nutshell Videoscrib can be used in different ways like publishing written text into spoken format, rating different audio files by rating buttons and get traffic from a long time. You can also take advantage from these tools so don't wait just click on the link below and take benefits from our services which we provide for free to everyone without any cost. Best regards!

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