ZipRecruiter and Indeed Comparison in 2022

Job boards used to be exactly that: real bulletin boards on which employers placed job openings. We put modern job boards on the internet, where they can reach a bigger audience, but that doesn't imply they're without flaws. Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter is a fantastic example of the various types of job posting websites available, so comparing the two is a smart idea.

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Table comparing ZipRecruiter and Indeed.

User feedback

Across many review sites, Ziprecruiter received an average user rating of 4.2/5. Customers praised the ease with which they could set up and deploy their listings, as well as the AI-based matching of talent to job posts and the responsiveness of customer service. The most common concerns were about the pricing structure and the lack of thoroughness in the initial screening of applicants.

Indeed had an average rating of 4.0/5 from its users. Many users appreciated how simple the site was to use, how they could post positions for free, and how it integrated with their application tracking system (ATS). Some consumers complained that the job sponsoring platform was unclear and that the candidates were not as well-matched as those found on other employment sites.

What is ZipRecruiter and how does it work?

Because there are hundreds of job boards on the internet, submitting your job opportunity to all of them can seem nearly impossible. ZipRecruiter can help you with this.

While ZipRecruiter is a job search site, it is more than just a location for businesses to list job openings. ZipRecruiter syndicates your job posting to other job board websites when you submit a new job opportunity. This means that a larger number of individuals will view your job posting, increasing your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

ZipRecruiter isn't free, unlike some other prominent job sites, but it does offer free trials so you can get your feet wet. Candidates can apply for vacant positions through ZipRecruiter, and you can see their resumes and profile information through an employer portal after you post an open position.

What exactly is Indeed?

Indeed appears to be just another employment board at first glance. But don't be fooled—Indeed has a lot of tools to help you identify the appropriate individual for the position, making it a combination of a job board and an applicant tracking system.

Indeed allows you to post job vacancies for free, much like other job search sites, but it also allows you to market them to help you stand out. Indeed also has an AI-powered recruitment platform for tech jobs, as well as traditional recruitment services, candidate skills assessments, and an interview scheduling tool.

Indeed's pricing varies depending on the services you wish to utilize, however, the majority of businesses will list jobs for free and pay to advertise them as targeted ads on occasion.


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It's not as simple as comparing how ZipRecruiter and Indeed compare on the same characteristics. Both solutions have two key elements in common, but after that, they start to seem very different. The following two sections compare and contrast how ZipRecruiter and Indeed handle job posting and candidate sourcing.

Job posting

Employers fill in spots on ZipRecruiter to list job opportunities. Slots are the maximum amount of job listings you can have open at any given moment. The quantity of slots you receive is determined by your plan, however, any job opportunity you publish is distributed to over 100 online job boards. Because slots are reusable, once a position has been filled, you can replace it with a new one.

When it comes to posting jobs, Indeed functions more like a traditional job board site. Employers can create an account for free and begin posting job openings, with the option to promote their listings as targeted adverts. Indeed allows companies to develop a presence in addition to posting positions with Company Pages, which allow you to add a description of your company, a logo, images, and more. Applicants and employees can also submit reviews of your organization on your page.

Candidate sourcing

You can only advertise a certain number of job positions at a time on ZipRecruiter, but there are no limits on the number of applications you can receive. Review resumes, applications, and responses to any pre-screening questions you may have needed using the Candidate Dashboard. ZipRecruiter assists job seekers in finding their positions by notifying job seekers with relevant skills from any of the job platforms where ZipRecruiter has shared your posting.

Indeed may feel more familiar if you've used an applicant tracking system before. You can study a candidate's résumé, application, assessment test results, and cover letter without leaving Indeed before scheduling an interview.

Indeed does not syndicate job postings across other job boards at the time of publishing, and job opportunities placed on Indeed do not appear in Google Jobs in-browser app search results. Indeed is one of the most prominent job board sites on the internet, therefore job vacancies posted there usually appear towards the top of Google search results.

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Questionnaires for screening

Employers can use Ziprecruiter to add pre-written and customized screening questions to their job postings. There's even the opportunity to include "deal-breaker" questions, which will automatically filter out applicants who don't answer the questions correctly or adequately. Employers can still see these applications if they wish to under the "hidden" part of their profile.

Employers can choose from a variety of screening questions and add up to one unique inquiry to their profile. Employers can designate each question as preferred or required, and candidates who do not fit the required requirements will be automatically screened out unless they choose to be notified about all applicants.


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Pricing is handled extremely differently by ZipRecruiter and Indeed. ZipRecruiter is a software as a service (SaaS) startup that offers three distinct tiers of access to its platform. Although no pricing information is publicly available, ZipRecruiter does provide free trials for each of its tiers.

Indeed's pricing plan is more akin to that of a social media site. It's free to sign up and start posting, but if you want a large number of people to view your content, you'll probably need to advertise it as a targeted ad. Indeed's other services, such as Indeed Hire and Seen by Indeed, are charged separately. For a specific Indeed Hire quote, you'll need to contact Indeed, but Seen by Indeed is accessible in three tiers.

Here's a video that compares ZipRecruiter with Indeed if you're more of a visual learner.

Choosing the Best ATS for Your Company

It's just as difficult to find the greatest job boards as it is to find the top prospects. Indeed and Ziprecruiter are both excellent solutions, however, one may be more appropriate for your firm than the other. Take advantage of free trials and try both to see which one is the best fit for your company.

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