Opera GX Review Finally, a web browser for gamers


Opera is the most logical company to release a web browser for gamers. Opera sets itself apart from its competitors by introducing unique features that later become industry standards. Opera created browsers for the Nintendo DS and Wii years ago, two systems that had no business surfing the web. The Opera GX browser is aimed at PC gamers, with features that improve gameplay without compromising the game's performance.

We're not talking about serving simple browser-based web games. We're talking about keeping high-end PC games, AAA games that push your system to its limits. Opera GX succeeds in its goal of being an ancillary browser for gamers, which is a strange and arguably niche goal.

How to Begin Using Opera GX

Opera GX is compatible with both Windows 10 and macOS. Opera GX, like the regular Opera browser, has an Android and iOS app. After downloading the 3.5MB installer, launching the browser takes no time at all.

The aesthetic of Opera GX is likely to be the first thing you notice about it, a look that shouts, "Yes, this is a browser for gamers." Companies prefer to brand their products as gamer-friendly by slathering them in harsh, glaring neon hues, from seats to mice to PC cases. The interface of Opera GX pulses with colorful outlines over dark backgrounds, as if it were a vision of the future from the 1980s. For a distinct look, you can choose between different color themes including Ultraviolet and Purple Haze.

The graphics in Opera GX aren't as absurd as they are in some other gamer-centric apps. Nonetheless, Opera GX is a bit garish. I prefer my web browsers to blend into the background, allowing the web page to take center stage. As a result, the continual technicolor indicators that surrounded the information distracted me. By default, Opera GX will automatically switch all suitable websites you visit to Dark mode. I propose switching to dark pages because they mix in better with the rest of the browser's color scheme.

Opera GX isn't simply a visual experience; it's also an auditory one. An ambient electronic score plays as you browse, changing dynamically based on what you're doing, like video game soundtracks have done for a long time. The background music sped up the tempo and became more aggressive while I worked on this review, hurriedly putting out notes and collecting screenshots. It eventually calmed down as I did. It's clever, and the music doesn't get in the way of your ideas because there are no voices. If you wish to work quietly, you can turn off the music or lower the volume.

I had no trouble using Opera GX as a regular, modern web browser once I got acclimated to its Mountain Dew-like appearance. In WebXPRT 3 speed testing, it scored 193 points, much like the ordinary Opera browser. HTML5test compatibility testing gave Opera GX a score of 523 out of 555. The higher these figures are, the better, and Opera GX's speedy and web-friendly characteristics compare favorably to competitors such as Firefox (205, 491), Google Chrome (182, 528), and Microsoft Edge (179, 535).

Feature and more features!

There are so many great features in Opera GX that it's difficult to pick one that sticks out the most. Much of this capability is found in the standard Opera Browser, but it's equally useful here. Opera GX occasionally rolls out experimental skills as a "Early Access" release (a strategy borrowed from video games).

The initial page of Speed Dial has been redesigned with gamers in mind. The interface includes a gaming news feed and a release-date calendar that you can configure with your preferred platforms, as well as a search bar and recommended websites. With the picture-in-picture video pop-up, you may check out free games or watch trailers.

If you wish to stay off the data-gathering grid, use GX's built-in VPN and ad blocker to protect your privacy. You can use the VPN to connect to America, Asia, or Europe. To complete your cyberpunk lifestyle, connect your phone to the browser to control your cryptocurrency wallet.

You can use your organizational tools to do more than just launch new tabs and windows. From the sidebar, you can create, store, and easily access different designed Workspaces with the pages you need. Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp can easily be added directly to the sidebar. Opera GX can intelligently suggest which recent files to attach to emails without you having to visit another menu.

By installing extensions, you can further enhance Opera GX's capabilities. By default, there is no Reader View, but the plugin I found works perfectly. I also use the Pocket addon to save things that I find interesting and want to read later. In addition to bookmarking pages and taking screenshots, extension buttons exist in the address bar.

These features function as described and are simple to use on their own. But it's the sheer number of them that takes your breath away. It's more than a little overwhelming. Because there are so many items to potentially click, I didn't always sure where I needed to go to access specific functions. Fortunately, you can frequently find the same things in many areas, so no matter which path you take, you'll eventually arrive at your destination. When in doubt, look in the Settings menu.

While you're playing a game, you can browse the internet.

Because modern browsers can eat up so much RAM, closing one before playing a PC game is a simple and effective technique to improve performance. The majority of Opera GX's gamer-specific features focus on keeping the browser as unobtrusive as possible.

Opera GX provides a wealth of information to aid in the detection of potential performance issues, as well as the tools to resolve them. It's similar to having a task manager incorporated within the browser, which Chrome also offers. To speed up your PC, delete any garbage browser files. When gaming on a laptop, put battery life first. Find and close the tabs that are consuming the most resources. I opened the same tabs in Opera GX and Chrome, and Opera GX took up about half as much memory without any tinkering. You can also specify precise % utilization limitations for CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth. You'll trade browser speed and performance in exchange for more room for what matters most: video games.

Opera GX did not degrade gaming performance as much as other browsers in my tests. Occasionally, performance was unaffected. And I did witness small frame-rate gains after setting the toughest memory constraints on games that were impacted while simultaneously running the browser, such as the recent edible bug adventure Bugsnax. However, keep in mind that your GPU is frequently the bottleneck, causing PC games to seem worse. There's nothing Opera GX can do about it.

So, if you're gaming, feel free to leave Opera GX running on a second monitor. Without looking at your phone, pull up a strategy guide. Chat with your community and livestream your escapades with the integrated Discord and Twitch apps.

If you're looking for a different game-friendly browser, Vivaldi (one of our favorites and created by one of the Opera's designers) works with Razer products to sync Chroma color illumination to whatever page you visit. It appears to be much crazier than Opera GX, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preferences. Vivaldi also recently released Vivaldia, a classic cyberpunk arcade game integrated directly into the browser. Vivaldia is a more intricate and visually spectacular Easter egg than, instance, Chrome's dinosaur game Easter egg. It also operates offline and supports controllers. Vivaldi's performance features and start pages may not be as aggressively targeted at gamers as Opera GX's, but gamers may still take advantage of Vivaldi's privacy features, navigation shortcuts, pop-out movies, and multiple ways to arrange and see tabs.

Opera GX on the Go

We first chastised Opera GX for not having a mobile version, but the gamer browser is now available as an Android or iOS app. I used an iPhone 12 to test it.

When you initially open the app, you'll be able to select your visual theme, which will have the same wacky colors as the desktop version. The Speed Dial is still there on the homepage, allowing you to keep track of forthcoming games, news, and special offers. You may also block adverts and pop-ups, as well as prevent unscrupulous actors from stealthily turning your phone into a bitcoin mining device, a classic cyberpunk threat.

On mobile, Opera GX has two different navigation styles. All of the buttons are arranged in a static row at the bottom of the basic interface. The Fast Action Button adds a single button to the bottom of the screen that you may press and hold to open a radial navigation menu. It may be speedier in the long run, and the haptic input is pleasant, but I found it less intuitive.

Flow is perhaps the coolest mobile feature. You may sync the mobile Opera GX browser with the desktop browser using Flow. Simply scan the QR code on your computer. Flow allows you to view tabs from one device on another and establish a chat window with yourself to share notes and files (up to 10MB) between your phone and PC once they've been synchronized.

Next-Generation Web Browsing

I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable utilizing my personal PC gaming hardware to write simple text documents while working from home. Using Opera GX on occasion feels a little like overkill. The browser's feature set is cool, unusual, and sturdy, whether or not it's absolutely necessary. The smart flexibility of Opera GX delivers on the promise that this browser will help PC gamers. You may play games and browse without worrying about Opera GX getting in the way.


Opera GX is a browser you won't want to quit the next time you start a PC game because of its numerous, useful, and performance-friendly features.

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